The Top PC Games for 2023

PC gaming is continually expanding the industry’s technological and creative frontiers: No platform can claim to provide as beautiful, seamless, and diverse a range of genres. PC is the home of everything from triple-A blockbusters to independent underground successes, from timeless classics to the newest trends. That raises the obvious question: What are the Top PC games?

Give someone a slap on the head if they claim to know the answer to that query, dear reader. Here, there is no correct response. Every preference you can think of will find something on a PC to suit it. Tastes vary. However, we can provide you some advice and point out a few well-known authors that you must have in your collection.

Whether you’re new to PC gaming or simply seeking some ideas for your upcoming shopping expedition on Steam, GOG, the Epic Game Store, or You’ve arrived at the proper location. These are a few of the top PC games available in 2023.

Age of Wonders 4

Top PC Games age of wonders 4

Age of Wonders 4 elevates player autonomy and personalization in turn-based 4X games: The game is all about options since it lets you create your own factions to create practically endless combinations of visual appeal, benefits, and potent Tomes of Magic. You will never run out of options to make, and your empire will reflect and depict all of them, from arbitrary occurrences to economy management and hero equipment.

Elden Ring

Top PC Games elden ring

Any game from the Dark Souls series might easily replace this, but Elden Ring is more current and a true masterpiece. An open-world game unlike any other, it can be oppressive one moment and then take your mouth off the next. When you believe you’ve seen everything the globe has to offer, a brand-new region is waiting for you to discover, perhaps hidden behind a fictitious wall or beneath a well.

The Witcher 3

Top PC Games the witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is a grand and comprehensive role-playing game that may be the greatest ever created outside of Japan. You play the role of a witcher in it, a ronin monster hunter who kills animals to get money. Based on that premise, you wouldn’t anticipate any side stories concerning spousal abuse, class differences, or the effects of loneliness. In this fantastical setting, you may discover some of the finest writing in video games.

Forza Horizon 5

Top PC Games forza horizon 5

Racing games have a long history in PC gaming, but they tend to be significantly different from their console counterparts in that they emphasise forensic realism over arcade thrills. The Forza Horizon series demonstrates that the latter is also possible. There are an absurd number of things to do here, and they all pass by at 200 kph, whether you’re chasing a train or purchasing your one hundredth whip. Oh, and it’s also attractive if you want to flaunt what your PC is capable of.


Top PC Games rimworld

RimWorld can be anything you want it to be, really. It offers complete freedom in terms of the type of community you wish to create, serving as a sort of spiritual successor to Dwarf Fortress. You want to be the chief of a tribe of technologically-averse cannibals? Do it now. You want to create a futuristic paradise where everyone gives up their frail body and lives as a cyborg? Cool. Or you may choose from a variety of additional options, such as becoming wealthy by selling the organs of your inmates on the black market, affiliating with an aristocratic space empire, or anything else you can think of. Oh, and we still haven’t even touched on modifications. These are also enjoyable.

Final Fantasy XIV

Top PC Games final fantasy XIV

World of Warcraft had long held the top spot in PC MMORPGs, but Final Fantasy XIV has recently overtaken it. Although its 2010 debut was a complete failure, the game’s 2014 redesign was just what it needed. Since then, it has developed steadily, producing plot additions that many people think are even better than the core Final Fantasy games. One of the finest MMO games ever has another life waiting for you if you want to immerse yourself for hundreds of hours.

Crusader Kings III

Top PC Games crusader kings III

Oh see, it’s a game where you watch a map’s colour change. Gamers on PCs adore those. Crusader Kings III takes place in real time, unlike Civ which allows us to play in rounds. And the discrepancies don’t stop there. Here, you won’t be moving towards the present era. Instead, it’s all about using swords and steel to kill or disinherit family members in order to make sure your successor inherits all the territory you’ve won while in power. Compared to Game of Thrones, there is more court intrigue and, um, familial love here, and no matter how noble your intentions may be, it will all end in excess.

Total War: Rome 2

Top PC Games total war rome 2

Who helped us did the Romans ever? One thing they gave us was the content for some really good video games. The most magnificent method to control one of antiquity’s superpowers and engage in gigantic battles that have you feeling like you’re watching a movie is in Total War: Rome 2. However, neither the game nor any historical films are an authentic representation of what ancient wars actually looked like. Choose Rome or one of her competitors, expand your empire, engage in important combat, and, with just the right amount of deceit, keep your political adversaries in control. Rome may indeed be constructed in a single day.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Top PC Games red dead redemption 2

Unlike GTA with horses, Rockstar’s western is considerably more. Sure, it’s an open-world game where you can go about and screw around whenever you like in between objectives, but it also has a touching narrative and some of the most enduring video game characters and performances ever. The entire biosphere is skinnable and teems with life, feeling like a functioning ecosystem.

Titanfall 2

Top PC Games titan fall 2

Next, we’ll discuss the finest FPS campaign ever made. You transform into a lean futuristic soldier in a flash, racing up walls, performing parkour jumps, and bumping into people. The next thing you know, you’re controlling a monstrous mech and hitting another enormous robot in the mechanical guts. The degree of creativity on exhibit here is astounding, and the time travel mechanism will stay with you for a very long time.


Top PC Games minecraft

It is a need that Minecraft be included on any list of the top games available online. We won’t violate that. Over a trillion people have seen game-related videos on YouTube, making it a cultural phenomenon. It lets its users wander anywhere their imaginations take them, much like virtual Lego. It has been used to reconstruct entire cities, create spacecraft, and even create functional calculators. On top of that, the game is ideal for laptops because to the forgiving system requirements, and thanks to unique seeds, you may return to your favourite locations.

StarCraft II

Top PC Games starcraft II

RTS games aren’t as common in PC gaming as they once were, but maybe that’s because StarCraft II already nailed the genre. When you play through the narrative mode, every new objective introduces a brand-new dynamic or variable that teaches you something similar to how Super Mario drip-feeds its mechanics. Although it’s all entertaining, it has just one objective: to prepare you ready to compete against other people online. Thing is, you probably never will be. High-level StarCraft players are like another species, capable of issuing hundreds of orders per minute. We’ll be over here, turtling.

Doom (2016)

Top PC Games doom

The original Doom is still enjoyable now, but there are also a slew of good contemporary boomer shooters that you should check out. This list includes Doom 2016 since it modified the classic game’s core elements for a contemporary audience. There will be death metal, blood, demons, and scorching pits of hell.


Top PC Games hades

With Hades, independent game developer Supergiant Games achieved both financial and critical success. Hades combines excellent action role-playing gameplay with exciting roguelike mechanics and storyline, and it is presented with an astounding visual aesthetic and a soundtrack fit for the gods. With weapons that feel fantastic to use in battle, heavenly abilities that feel awesome to release, and drama from the most dysfunctional family in mythology history that is intriguing to delve deeper into, all of its components are just excellent matches for one another. It really destroys the wrists, but sacrifices must be made, right?

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Top PC Games PUBG

Fortnite is always an option in place of this one, but PUBG has an unmistakably PC vibe. Every feature of the game clearly displays its origins as an ARMA mod, including the awkward mobility, the similar structures haphazardly placed around the area, and the challenging inventory management. When aligning those headshots, having precise mouse aim also helps. At least when you’re not, uh, hiding in a bathroom and hearing the sound of enemy feet stomping. Just try not to give the name too much thought. Battlegrounds on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Really?

Dishonored 2

Top PC Games

Nowadays, immersive simulators from the past don’t stand up all that well, but happily, Arkane Studios is keeping the tradition alive. Dishonoured 2 places you in a whalepunk metropolis and gives you a list of people to assassinate, drawing inspiration from games like Thief. You can travel, change into an animal, possess someone, halt time, and other things with magical abilities. There are so many original responses to every situation.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Top PC Games

Although it can be played with Alexa and most likely will be pre-installed on future brain chips, Skyrim belongs on PCs. Skyrim is a beast of an RPG that you never entirely complete, but the PC modifications completely change the game. You may improve its aesthetic appeal, introduce entirely new questlines, and even alter the game’s rules. As a result, Skyrim will always be remembered as one of the best games ever made. Every three years, Todd Howard will probably also issue a new edition of it just because he can. You’ll also purchase them.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Top PC Games

In essence, Civilization is a game where you watch a map change colour, but that’s lot more interesting than it seems. This game is another one where the hours just fly by as you play for just one more turn. Establish cities, expand your influence via culture, diplomacy, and military force—all while avoiding Gandhi’s nukes or Queen Victoria, who really wants you to be interested in a trade arrangement with England.


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