The Complete Playable Characters of Crash Team Rumble

Crash Team Rumble

In Crash Team Rumble, a 4v4 game where teams battle against one another to collect the most wumpas—the series’ signature fruit—Crash Bandicoot disrupted the game prizes. Little is known about the gameplay itself, other than the fact that it will likewise be a platform game.

We do know, though, that there will be a variety of playable characters, each with their own special abilities. Eight of these characters were seen in the initial video, which was sufficient to intrigue us about a 4v4 game. It’s time to look at everything, from the obvious to fan favourites and even a newbie.

Lucas Olah’s April 25 update: We got a close beta to show us what the game is all about before it officially released, so we crashed the party a little early. We know exactly how five of these characters function because of this beta. We may thus talk about what they are all about rather than making assumptions about their prowess. We’ll be sure to provide even more updated information on all the Crash Team Rumble characters and how to play each of them as the game is out and additional characters are added.

Coco Bandicoot (Crash Team Rumble)

Crash Team Rumble

Another apparent character in a game like this is Coco. One of the selectable characters is Crash’s younger sister, and while she still plays just as Crash did in Crash 4, she has a different moveset. She does the identical actions as him, with the exception of the slide. Instead, she constructs a Quantum Wall that speeds up teammates while blocking and pushing foes away. She can also increase her speed while in the air, making her one of the game’s fastest characters, if not the fastest at the moment.

She plays the job of Booster, which involves locating Relics for power-ups and activating Gem stations. She essentially fills the position of a support character, assisting out everywhere she can by gaining access to new abilities and increasing the quantity of Wumpa recovered.

Crash Bandicoot (Crash Team Rumble)

Crash Team Rumble

The series’ central figure is present to bless us with his presence, as he has been doing for a while. The only difference between his controls and those of Crash 4 is that his slide is utilised with the right trigger, which causes a quick belly flop when combined with the circle/B button. In addition to pushing things away, his slide may also be used to hurl opponents off a platform or help them escape.

Each character in the game has a job, and Crash is a Scorer, which means that his concentration is on quick manoeuvrability to collect lots of wumpas and bring them back to base. He is still the most secure option for new players and those who have already played prior games because he is the primary character from several entries.

Dr. Neo Cortex (Crash Team Rumble)

Crash Team Rumble

A hero is only as good as their antagonist, and Cortex will undoubtedly follow Crash wherever he goes. Despite the fact that Cortex has already made an appearance in platforming games, being able to move about with him is still novel, and it’s good to have additional chances. Additionally, Cortex can now double-jump thanks to his Crash 4 moveset. He keeps running and has the advantage of assaulting targets from a distance, making him rather unique in this category. He can call and drop a piano on a limited area for whatever reason, in a very Looney Tunes manner, and he can also summon and transform adversaries into animals with a charged shot.

Like Coco, he is a Booster as well. Cortex has the biggest learning curve of all the characters in the game, and it shows; playing him well requires patience and commitment, but it also offers him a lot more freedom to play with foes. For instance, the animal shot is excellent at stopping goalkeepers at your bank.

Dingodile (Crash Team Rumble)

Crash Team Rumble

Dingodile, a beloved antagonist who left his position as a minion to focus on his café, is also returning from Crash 4. The majority of his actions, including a spin, the ability to suck boxes and people with his vacuum cannon and an even speedier version for emergencies, are already present because he is playable in Crash 4. He can also hover while using his pistol. The major distinction is that he can charge his assault, which results in a rapid and powerful spin strike that is far superior than Crash’s and Coco’s spins.

He is the only Blocker in the game for now, and his goal is to track down adversaries and prevent them from scoring. He possesses the biggest health bar and the strongest fighting skills of any character, but he moves too slowly to keep up with other players. For this reason, you’ll often find dingodiles acting as ‘goalkeepers,’ waiting at the opposing bank to knock everyone’s Wumpas out of them.

Dr. Nitrus Brio (Crash Team Rumble)

Crash Team Rumble

Brio, the adversary of our opponent, was formerly Cortex’s aide and still occasionally lends a hand, but he’s constantly planning some sort of treachery. He is previously confirmed for the game, and the clip also reveals his “Hulk” form, in which he turns into a large monster. It will be entertaining to be able to operate Brio for the first time on a platform environment, especially because we will be able to do so while he is changed.

Female Dr. Nefarious Tropy

Crash Team Rumble

It’s the other version of the master of time that was seen in Crash 4 as opposed to the Warped version, which is intriguing. Given that this N. Tropy was successful in eliminating her version of Crash, we now face a fierce foe.

Additionally, it’s too early to say if she will fly frequently or perhaps occasionally during the game. It is yet unknown if the male N. Tropy will be a distinct character, a skin, or even whether he will be in the game.


Crash Team Rumble

Catbat is a newbie, and here is the first time we get to see them in full, despite the fact that they were initially introduced in a hidden sequence at the conclusion of Crash 4. And it’s quite great that you can already play as a character in their huge break. Unfortunately, that also implies that there isn’t much information available on the expected talents. The only thing that can be mentioned is that because they have wings, you may anticipate that they will also have the ability to fly for short distances (or large distances), like N Tropy. Still, this one remains a mystery for the time being, but it will be interesting to solve it later.

Tawna Bandicoot

Crash Team Rumble

Also coming back from Crash Bandicoot 4 is Tawna. She is therefore not the same person we saw in the first Crash game, but rather the alternative form that was shown in that game. In comparison to Crash 4, her kicks are a little bit faster. She also has a grappling hook back, which you may use to drag her ahead whenever you want. She can also knock opponents down with her circle/B strike and then knock them back up if she is in the air, which gives her some strong combo options.

She is a Scorer as well, just like Crash. She fights better than him, but at the penalty of being a more difficult character to control with a very low health bar. She is also more manoeuvrable and can carry more fruit than him. She has a bigger danger of being used, but there is also a greater potential for profit.

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