Stronghold Guide for Diablo 4 (Overview and Locations)

Stronghold Guide for Diablo 4

One of the key elements in Diablo 4 that contributes to the game’s new open-world atmosphere are strongholds. (Stronghold Guide for Diablo 4)

These open-world dungeons offer players a distinct, immersive, and changing dungeon crawling experience.

After a stronghold is successfully defeated, the environment of Sanctuary is changed, and the player is given access to a new area that was previously occupied by the stronghold.

But first, let’s go through what Strongholds are, how they affect your gameplay, and the wealth of riches that await your successful conquest.

With additional players, can I defeat Strongholds?

Like the main campaign, strongholds may be reached through the open world. You can go up against the horror on your alone or in a group, but don’t anticipate running into other players.

When a task is successfully accomplished, the previously ominous Stronghold changes into a bustling public area filled with other happy players.

What is there to find in Strongholds?

You’ll discover something resembling a mission inside Strongholds that must be finished and ends in a boss battle. Strongholds are level fixed and very challenging to defeat if you are not levelled up enough.

Of course, certain classes may go through early game stuff considerably more quickly than others; for instance, a necromancer casually scoffs at the levelling process while stomping around with a horde of skeletons and wiping out the whole map. Check out our Necromancer guide if you’re searching for a powerful early-game class.

Diablo 4’s Strongholds: Revealing the Rewards

Strongholds are incredibly generous with their rewards, giving out a diverse assortment of priceless loot, experience, and even Renown Points for the region where the Stronghold was taken.

According to beta reports, players may expect a generous payout of 100 Renown Points every Stronghold. The spoils of battle, however, go beyond material goods.

The transformation that Strongholds cause in the Sanctuary universe is their real magic.

Examples of Stronghold Transformation

  • The once-dangerous Stronghold becomes a lively community that welcomes players.
  • Your following task is made possible by the revelation of a Legion Event.
  • A new realm of adventures becomes accessible as The Stronghold develops into a centre for side missions.
  • There is a link between the Stronghold and another location that was previously hidden.
  • A waypoint appears, leaving a trace of your triumph behind.
  • It changes into a dungeon, prepared for your next journey.

Stronghold Locations in Diablo 4 (from the beta)

The early-game Strongholds in Diablo 4 are listed here, along with directions on how to get to each one.

Stronghold of Malnok

Stronghold Guide for Diablo 4 malnok

Simply move east from Kyovashad to reach Malnok Stronghold. The Ice Clan of the Fractured Peaks will be waiting for you there.

Stronghold of Kor Dragan

Stronghold Guide for Diablo 4 kor dragon

You’ll deal with vampires in the Kor Dragan Stronghold, which is north of Kyovashad (close to Menestad).

Stronghold of Nostrava

Stronghold Guide for Diablo 4 nostrava

West of Kyovashad is where you’ll find Nostrava Stronghold. To deal with the villagers and Demonic Effigies, you will collaborate with a Priestess.


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