Release information for Aliens Dark Descent, including a trailer and more

Aliens Dark Descent

The Alien property has seen several adaptations throughout the years, and this summer’s release of Aliens Dark Descent marks the most recent.

Aliens Dark Descent originally made headlines at Summer Game Fest 2022, when it debuted with a protracted CGI teaser and a brief taste of gameplay. Since then, we’ve seen more, and it appears to be more action-oriented, more like Aliens: Fireteam Elite, but with a more atmospheric feel and a top-down viewpoint more like the Alien Breed series.

Here is a summary of Aliens Dark Descent’s release date, trailers, gameplay, and other pertinent information if you’re seeking for everything there is to know about it.

Trailer of Aliens Dark Descent

In the unveiling teaser, which debuted at Summer Game Fest 2022, the recognisable marines are seen fighting Xenomorphs while retreating as they get overpowered. Near the conclusion, a little snippet of gameplay that demonstrated the top-down viewpoint was also shown.

In March 2023, the gameplay trailer offered the game’s next significant glimpse. This included two minutes of actual gameplay with commentary from one of the creators, showcasing the many locations, real-time fighting, and marine customization.

The pre-order trailer for Aliens Dark Descent, which included gameplay and sequences from the narrative, was shown at the end of April. This provided a much clearer picture of the game’s plot, which would follow several marines under your command as they investigate a moon base that has been invaded by Xenomorphs and put an end to the epidemic.

Release date for Aliens: Dark Descent

Now that Aliens Dark Descent’s release date has been announced as June 20, 2023, the original 2023 release window will still be valid.

For those who want to buy the game before it is released, there are certain pre-order extras available. The Lethe Recon Pack, which includes a Black Armour gear and a Special Feline companion, is something you can obtain.

Playthrough of Aliens Dark Descent

It has been reported that Aliens Dark Descent is a real-time tactical action game that takes some cues from the X-COM series. You may give commands and orders to your squad of marines in real-time or employ a feature that slows down time in this top-down viewpoint game.

The game will include expansive, open environments that you may explore at your leisure while playing through the main plot or doing optional side quests. By using saws to cut open some doors or welding others shut, you may change the level permanently. Doing so can reveal or hide shortcuts for the rest of the game.

Each marine will be distinct and have an own class archetype, letting you choose how they appear and what they have as the game progresses. Permadeath, which states that a marine stays dead if they are beaten in battle, is another crucial component.

In addition to overseeing your marine’s health and equipment, you also need to be aware of their stress levels, which may lead to undesirable features like increased miss rate or erratic behaviour. As a result, managing your squad and your resources generally becomes crucial to winning the game.

Aliens Dark Descent will have a multi-platform release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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