Meta Oculus Quest 3: Speculation about the cost and features

Meta Oculus Quest 3

Once it is released, Meta’s forthcoming VR headset, the Meta Oculus Quest 3, may rank among the greatest ones. It will uphold the traditions of the Meta Quest and the moderately priced Quest 2.

Days before Apple is anticipated to release a rival headset, Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise statement about the headgear through Instagram.

All Quest VR headsets are in great demand in the community, in contrast to the majority of other headsets for a number of reasons. These headsets are the first choice for anybody wishing to immerse themselves in the boundless realm of virtual reality because of its wireless design and large game selection, which are among the top two reasons.

Online, there are already several rumours circulating about the Meta Quest 3’s specs. Intriguingly, Meta is anticipated to release the Quest 3 concurrently with Apple’s first headset, thus escalating the rivalry.

We did our homework to bring you the most recent information on what to anticipate from the next VR headset from Meta, which changed its name from Oculus in early 2022.

Price of Meta Oculus Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 will reportedly sell for $499 at retail. With a $100 price increase over the existing Quest 2 pricing, we believe that this still remains competitive and affordable for individuals looking to enter the VR world.

Release date for Meta Oculus Quest 3

Meta Oculus Quest 3

According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, The Meta Quest 3 will be published in the autumn of 2023. We anticipate that the business will decide to release the Quest 3 in October or November, arriving just before the start of the Christmas season. Last year’s Meta Connect took place in October; this year, it will take place on September 27.

Specifications for Oculus Quest 3 are leaked

HeadsetMeta Quest 3
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2
Resolution (Per-eye)2064 × 2208
Display typeLCD
Refresh rate120Hz
Field of viewUnknown
FeaturesHand tracking, PC compatibility, voice commands, wireless, Mixed reality

The Meta Quest 3 has been widely leaked, and it will have a somewhat different configuration than prior headsets. It was formerly codenamed “Stinson.” The Quest 3 will include an LCD screen with a per-eye resolution of 2064 x 2208, according to VR analyst Brad Lynch.

This is a little higher than the first Quest 2, and the panel will already have a refresh rate of 120Hz. Although the 120Hz mode on the Quest 2 is experimental, having it built directly into the headset is a wonderful bonus. At this time, details like the headset’s FOV are unclear.

No matter what hardware is integrated into the Quest 3, it will still be 40% smaller than the Quest 2.

The Quest 3 will include a slider to adjust your interpupillary distance, which is a plus, just as the PSVR2. Additionally, it looks that “Pancake” lenses will also be used on the Quest 3. In comparison to earlier, more antiquated Fresnel lenses that we’ve seen on prior devices, this could enable the headset to be slightly smaller and help disperse the weight of the headset much better. Although the Pancake choices on the Quest Pro are considerably better, the PSVR2 employs Fresnel Lenses.

The Meta Quest 3’s leaked CAD schematics also suggest that the headset could not include features like face- or eye-tracking. This is a little depressing since it suggests that foveated rendering may not be possible. However, it also serves as a cost-saving solution since if Meta wanted to incorporate that technology, they would have needed to add more cameras to the gadget.

Is It Worthwhile to Hold off Till Meta Quest 3?

Meta Oculus Quest 3

It looks like the Meta Quest 3 will be a huge consumer VR headset. Even if it might not have some of the better finishing touches, like eye-tracking and foveated rendering. In addition to improving visual fidelity, the Pancake lenses should provide some of the greatest wireless VR experiences available. Now all we have to do is wait for Meta to make the headset official.

The Quest 2 has been around for a while, and although it’s still a fantastic headset in and of itself, it’s beginning to show its age. If the rumours and leaks we have heard about the headset are accurate, then it will be worthwhile to wait for the following model in Meta’s well-liked line of VR headsets.


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