EA and Bungie veterans present their new development studio

They are creating their first game within Fortnite.

Several former developers from Electronic Arts, Bungie, and Kongregate have founded a new studio.

Look North World counts in its ranks Alex Seropian, Jay Pecho, Patrick Moran, Aaron Marroquin, Kyle Marks and Prashant Patil. The best known of them is undoubtedly Alex Seropian, one of the founders of Bungie, the studio responsible for Halo and Destiny.

The first Look North World game is called Outlaw Corral and is being developed with the Unreal Engine for Fortnite. Its creators describe it as “a wild west island with skill-based shooting”.

It is, of course, a curious way to debut. Instead of publishing a game independently, they have chosen to create an island for Fortnite, which will allow them to earn money with the popular Epic Games battle royale to finance other projects.

Seropian explained that “developing with UEFN opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and we are in uncharted territory. Through experimentation we will see what players like and involve them in decisions.”

“We are jumping into it with the mindset that the virtual sky is the limit. As we develop creative ideas we will learn how these platforms engage, entertain and amplify social interactions, and iterate accordingly.”

Players who wish can provide their feedback to the developers in the company’s Discord .The first thousand will also be automatically added to the Beta Test channel to test upcoming Look North World games before they are released.


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