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Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2, Before it was ultimately launched, the first Alan Wake game had a very problematic development. The final product had several modifications and changes in scope and direction, and while it originally became a cult phenomenon, it didn’t initially reach the mainstream market it required. A sequel to the first game that would have built upon it and brought back some of the things that had to be removed in order for it to ship was in the works after two DLC episodes, but it was finally decided upon. Instead of the sequel, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, a more compact download, was made available.

Since that time, our brave writer had been silent until he suddenly appeared in an unexpected location. Alan was returning and featured in the AWE expansion for Control, a totally new game. Now was the ideal time to reveal that the long-awaited sequel was once again in development as a remaster of the original game had caught everyone up on his first appearance. Here is all we know about Alan Wake 2 so far, even though we haven’t found all the text pages.

Platforms For Alan Wake 2

Where we might play Alan Wake 2 was made evident in the first trailer. It will debut on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, the Epic Game Store for PC, and the PlayStation 4.

Launch Date Of Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 launch date

The much-anticipated sequel to Alan Wake will be available on October 17—perfectly timed for Halloween. The new Remedy game will be accessible through the Epic Games Store for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. In its most recent earnings conference, released in March, Remedy announced that “the game will soon have all content in place, and it is playable from start to finish.”

The creative director of the game, Sam Lake, recently told us that there was “never a time when I felt that it would not happen,” despite the fact that it has been on fans’ wish lists for years. Simply put, it hadn’t occurred yet.

Trailers for Alan Wake 2

Remedy hasn’t made many game-related video releases since the December 2021 unveiling. The more recent PlayStation Showcase trailer features the second playable character, FBI agent Saga Anderson, and the December 2021 trailer sets up a sequel that appears to lean more heavily towards survival-horror. Ilkka Villi, who plays Alan physically in both trailers, and Matthew Poretta, who plays Alan’s voice, are both featured.

Fortunately, there are many Alan Wake nerds on the team, so even though we only have the one trailer to go on for now, we’ve already paid it a lot of attention and looked for hints about what the sequel could have in store for us. Our analysis of 20 hints you could have missed in the Alan Wake II reveal trailer can be found here.

The PlayStation Showcase’s Gameplay Reveal Trailer gives us a more in-depth look at the plot. The narrative will be split into two parts where you will play from both Alan’s and FBI Agent Saga Anderson’s views, which was the most unexpected aspect of the story. Anderson is entrusted with looking into the town’s numerous killings despite being new to Bright Falls.

As far as we are aware, Saga Anderson is known for her ability to solve complex crimes. She comes in Bright Falls following a string of ritualistic killings, but after finding one of Alan’s manuscript pages at a crime scene, she is soon drawn into the town’s murky underbelly.

Alan is still imprisoned in The Dark Place and has spent the previous ten years struggling to live in its depraved setting.


Alan Wake 2 gameplay

Before we saw any gameplay, Sam Lake, the creative director of Remedy, and the team briefly discussed how Alan Wake 2 will play. First off, this game is described as the first genuine survival horror title from the company. Both Control and the first Alan Wake included horror aspects, although neither game really embraced the genre.

Particularly, Control was a lot more of an action game. The sole resource management in Alan Wake was managing your ammo and batteries, but the game was more about exploring creepy locations and slaying horror-themed foes than it was about attempting to be frightening. The first game contained scary themes, but it was an action game, as Lake himself phrased it. The narrative, a horror story, lies at the centre of this; it’s a complex, psychological riddle.

In a recent interview, Lake said about Alan Wake 2: “We are diving deeper than ever, into an ocean of darkness,” and that it will be a terrifying encounter with well-known psychological horror components. We also learned that the game’s age classification, which was formerly a T, will be changed to an M. This may provide the crew far more leeway to make the most of this new concentration on horror.

The principal antagonists known as The Taken, who were people, animals, and even things that had been corrupted by darkness, could be avoided in the original game’s light. In order to be able to harm The Taken with your regular weapons, light was also required to burn away the darkness that was shielding them. Given that Alan Wake 2 is marketed as a survival horror game rather than an action game, we anticipate significant alterations to this feature. Perhaps light is still a scarce resource that can only be utilised to blind or avoid attackers rather than expose them to assault while also serving as a marker for safe areas.

The combat we’ve seen thus far appears to be an improved version of the original, with the recognisable light mechanics returning but with new and scarier opponents to fight. Expect more in the finished product as all we’ve seen thus far is a handgun and a shotgun. Despite this, the fighting seems more tenseer and more horror-focused than in the original, as Lake has already intimated.

Players can select the sequence in which the tale is revealed because it is recounted from both Alan’s and Anderson’s points of view. Anderson’s will mostly take place in the Pacific Northwest at Bright Falls, a brand-new settlement named Watery, and the terrifying Dark Place, which will be the setting for Alan’s trip.

Purchases of Alan Wake 2

Remedy has provided further details regarding the digital editions that will be available for purchase now that the game’s release date has been announced. For a short overview, preorders will net you a few in-game perks, like a “ornate revolver skin” used by Alan and a Survival Resources Pack usable with the game’s second playable character, Saga. You can check out more information in our Alan Wake II preorder hub.

It’s important to note that Alan Wake II will cost $60 on PlayStation and Xbox, but only $50 on PC through the Epic Games Store.

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